Water Is Money: How Do I Save It?

Water Is Money: How Do I Save It?

There are two things that we know:

  1. Money is tight these days
  2. Potable water (supplied from JHB Water) is getting more expensive

 The average adult uses between 120 to 150 litres of water per day



Considering these revelations, we would like to detail a few things that you, as the home or business owner, can spend some money on and in return SAVE MONEY in the long-term.

  1. Install a dual flush toilet system: Single flush toilets give you no control of your water usage. By installation a dual flush system, you do not have to use as much water when ridding the bowl of those pesky No. 1’s.
  2. Service all toilet and taps regularly: The biggest culprits in water wastage are leaking/running toilets and taps. These are silent wasters and often the home owner doesn’t even know that they are leaking until the big water bill arrives.
  3.  Grey Water Harvest: The collection, purification and distribution of ‘used’ water is called grey water harvesting. A system can be installed which collects all used water (except from the toilets and kitchen) and distributes it to areas which require high water usage specifically the garden and swimming pool.
  4. Rain Water Harvest: The collection and storage of rain water for use in the garden, or if you like, it can be purified to be used in the house. 

A garden (and regular watering) accounts for on average 35% of household usage so any savings you can garner from saving money when watering the garden should be considered carefully.

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