Smart Plumbing

What is Smart Plumbing?

Smart Plumbing – We live in an information age. We use technology to gather information. We use the information to make better decisions, save money and live better lives. Technology permeates every area of our lives but never our plumbing – until now. Morningside Plumbing (PTY) LTD is proud to offer our customers these new smart plumbing tech products  – flood sensors, smart water meters and smart geyser timers – which will not only provide our customers with the information needed to make better decisions around their water and electricity usage but also minimise water damage from water events which in turn saves more money.

“Measurement is fabulous. Unless you’re busy measuring what’s easy to measure as opposed to what’s important” – Seth Godin

Smart Sensor

Flood Sensors​

Individual flood sensor units are placed strategically around the ceiling and/or house. When a flood sensor unit gets wet (from a burst pipe or burst geyser) and notification is sent to the registered users via email and sms alerting them to a possible water event. Quick response times to water events, made possible by the flood sensors, limits water damage saving you time and money.

  • Reliable with no false alarms
  • Solid gold-plated contacts
  • Cool, small, clever design
  • Waterproof IP67 and sending while floating
  • Lasting over 10 years
  • Loud alarm buzzer
  • Movement or flip warning (accelerometer inside)
  • End of leak detection and reporting
  • Temperature threshold alarms (antifreeze, overheat)
  • Incredible radio performance
Smart Water Meter

Smart Water Meter

A smart plumbing water meter component is added to your existing water meter (where possible) or a new secondary full smart water meter is installed on the property. The smart water meter allows real time readings to take place. The benefits of the smart water meter are early leak detection, smart notifications via email and sms of over usage and for the tenant in commercial spaces – accurate readings which can be used to dispute landlords’ monthly charges.

  • Easily interfaces with (existing) compatible meters.
  • Wirelessly reports data to the cloud.
  • A cloud-based platform which can be viewed from any web browser presenting data in user-friendly reports.
  • Detect high flow rates or events that otherwise easily go undetected, such as pipe bursts, leaks, etc.
  • Generate configurable automated notifications.
  • Motivates behavioral changes that lead to significantly lower water usage & costs.
  • Minimal installation requirements i.t.o interfacing installation.
  • 20-min resolution.
Smart Water Meter

Smart Geyser Timers

The single biggest user of electricity in a house are geyser/s. Smart plumbing geyser timers are installed in conjunction with existing geyser thermostats. Programs, times and overrides can now be set from anywhere in the world allowing users of the smart geyser timers to control their electricity consumption from their geysers. Less electricity consumption means less Rand spend monthly.

  • Temperature control
  • Leak detection & notification
  • Manual heating scheduling
  • Peak demand scheduling
  • Water metering
  • Energy measurement
  • Remote water-inlet shutoff

Smart Plumbing

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