Plumbing Myths Debunked

Plumbing Myths Debunked

We all use plumbing. Most of us don’t take too much time to consider the intricacies of plumbing, and why should we, that’s the plumbers job. But the reality is that if we paid more attention to our plumbing in our houses and offices we might not need the plumbers as much as we do. We might also save a little money on water and electricity costs.

Myth 1: A dripping tap doesn’t waste a lot of water

A single tap that drips once every second can waste up to 21 litres a day. That’s over ten 2 litres coke bottles. Now that’s money literally going down the drain. Fix your leaky taps, save yourself money!

Myth 2: Turning my geyser off will save me electricity costs

There is an age-old debate – which method uses more electricity? Heating your geyser from cold (turning the geyser on only when you need it)? Or maintaining the temperature inside of the geyser (leaving it on)? More energy (electricity) is required to heat up a geyser from ambient temperature than maintaining the temperature. Any savings will be cancelled out when heating from the ambient temperature. The only way to save costs on geysers is to install an energy efficient unit such as a solar geyser or heat pump.

Myth 3: Its ok to flush baby wipes

Even if the packets says the baby wipes are flushable, DON’T! Baby Wipes, women’s sanitary ware and make up pads are the biggest cause (outside of roots) of blockages.

Myth 4: The best thing to do with food waste is throw it down the drain

Large food particles can get stuck in the drain pipes. It is best to install a disposal unit or throw the food particles away entirely. Oily food and high fat food also can cause a build up of ‘fats’. Regular cleaning of the kitchen sink drain will stop blockages from occurring.

Myth 5: My Handyman is also a plumber

Like a doctor, lawyer and accountant, plumbers spend many years training and learning the intricacies of plumbing. We also go through a qualification process and are held to industry standards and boards. Don’t rely on untrained people to repair or maintain your plumbing.

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