I Had Hot Water Yesterday But Today I Don’t …

What Is An Element?

An element can be found in many devices such as kettles, irons, vacuum cleaners and of course geysers. The element is the actual piece of equipment that gets hot, in turn heating the appliance or water.

There are two main factors which allow your electric geyser to heat up:

  1. Electricity – is required to power the element in the geyser
  2. Water – is required to sit in the tank for a period of time in order to heat up (typically an hour or two)

The most obvious reason for a geyser not providing hot water is that the geyser is burst.

The four main reasons for a geyser not providing hot water (other than a burst geyser) are:

  1. No electrical supply: The electricity supply to the geyser has been tested and there is no electricity going to the geyser. An electrician is required to correct this problem
  2. The element has failed: A new element is required as the old element has either burnt out and malfunctioned

Common geyser elements

3.The TP valve is running: The TP (Temperature / Pressure) valve, also known as the safety valve, is standard to every geyser. The valve discharges if the geyser over heats or if the incoming water pressure is too high. If this valve is discharging regularly, the water is not getting a chance to heat up and the valve and also possible the thermostat will need to be replaced

4. A burst pipe on the hot water: A burst hot water pipe means that water is constantly exiting the geyser (and cold water constantly entering the geyser), giving the geyser no time to heat the water

Additional causes may include:

  1. Burnt wiring / burnt thermostat
  2. Faulty time switch (if installed)

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